Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Black Chocobo Arises

So, I was wondering around the icy area up north, and all of a sudden these guys came by in a huge flying thing... I had no idea what it was. I stayed near my normal path, though, and they came up to me! I stood there as some monsters attacked them and I watched, laughing at the fight.

Then, out of nowhere, this girl wearing pink on threw some greens at me. They flew right over my head (after I ducked) and landed in a huge mud puddle. Needless to say, I was p/o'd. Seriously, she could have been a little more cautious, those were some good looking greens! So I started pecking the heck out of her until she fainted.

Unfortunately, the guy she was with got a little upset by that, and whipped out this huge sword. I mean, that thing was bigger than me. So I rather quickly ruffled my fathers and climbed the mountain to get out of there. Whew... another close call.